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Our Story

It all began one snowy day in Jessica's kitchen.

Several types of spices in metal spoons paprika, tomatoes, curry, beets, cumin, turmeric,

Hello, and welcome to Badoota, where we specialize in serving the best of Karnataka cuisine, including the mouth-watering Donne Biryani. 

Growing up in Karnataka, we developed a deep appreciation for the state's diverse culinary culture, and we have made it our mission to share its unique flavors and taste with the world. Badoota reflects our passion for Karnataka cuisine, and we take great pride in serving the most authentic and delicious food.

One of the highlights of our menu is the Donne Biryani, a signature dish of Karnataka that is known for its bold flavors and fragrant aroma. This biryani is traditionally served in a leaf cup made from the dried leaves of the areca nut palm tree called Donne, which gives the dish its name. The rice is cooked with a blend of aromatic spices and herbs, mixed with succulent pieces of chicken, mutton, or mushroom.

At Badoota, we use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to prepare our dishes, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavor and texture. Each serving of our food is a true delight for the senses, transporting you to the streets of Karnataka with its rich and authentic taste.

So come and join us on this culinary journey and experience the best of Karnataka's cuisine. We look forward to serving you.


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